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After Shock is an ongoing project following on from our 2022 short film Culture Shock. It follows a group of young adults navigating the highs and lows of adult life, from drug misuse, grief, prejudice and loneliness, to freedom, love, and adventure.

After Shock '2000 AD' is currently in production.

Meet the characters:


Graham Stone

Born in 1979, Graham is an avid football fan who works full-time in a factory in Manchester. An outgoing and supportive friend, his care for his mates is often masked by a veneer of cynicism, an influence of his upbringing. He and Damon have been very close friends for as long as they can remember.

damon 2.jpg

Damon Shaw

Born in 1978, Damon is a confident but quiet guy, only opening up to those closest to him. He's interested in science fiction and computers, and much to Graham's jealousy, he can drive. Damon is closest with Graham and Asha, both of whom he's known for years, though his relationship with Graham can be complicated.

damon 1.jpg

Malcolm McCoy

Born in 1976, Malcolm is a narcissistic and abrasive actor-turned-con artist. He enjoys chaos in various forms, with a reckless and self-destructive streak, and a fondness of hard drugs. Malcolm wants to form some honest, close relationships, but his brashness and harsh apathy often push people away.

malcolm 1.jpg
malcolm 3.jpg
micky 2.jpg

Micky Stringer

Born in 1976, Micky is a dedicated artist and metalhead. Warm and well-intentioned, they can misread signs easily and let their emotions get the better of them. Micky sees art as an outlet for self-expression, and has become close to Asha in the time they've been living together.

micky 3.jpg

Asha Cooper

Born in 1977, Asha is an alternative metalhead working in an independent clothing store. She's serious but fun, drawn to the call of youthful mischief, and despite looking to settle down, she's always thinking about the next rave. Asha has known Damon and Graham for years, and has a long-standing friendship with Micky.

asha 1.jpg
kate 1.jpg

Kate Freeman

Born in 1978, Kate is the writer for the indie rock band The Skellington Crew and meets the rest of the gang in the early 2000s. She's asexual and level-headed, often the voice of reason against the chaos of everyone else's love lives and drama.

kate 2.jpg
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